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トランスメディア提供アイコン01 YOU SCARED ME!!

Tonight, I went to attent a voice-actor training course. My friend in church has a friend who took the course and felt the course very interesting. She told me that I will have chance to touch and use the real, professional equipments, to visit a recording studio, and to meet professional voice-actors. Therefore, I went to take the course at night.

It was the first lesson. The instructor spend almost one and a half hour on history only. I fell to sleep several times.

In the last half and hour of the lesson, we finally have chance to do our first test-drive recording. The instructor played a session of fighting movement in a Kung-fu moive in 60s. We need to add the voice for actors who were fighting. All we did were saying "HA", "Hei", "Ah", and etc when actors moved. Sound easy but actually very difficult. Students made a lot of jokes when they acted.

My turn came, and I acted as a lady fighter in the moive. When I looked at the TV screen, I couldn't catch up with the movement of actors, of course I was silent. The last movement of the fight is the lady kicked on a men's body and made him fried out to drop on a trolley. I waked up at the movement and cried loudly "HAAA!". The person sitting right next to me immediately yelled, "YOU SCARED ME!" Laughters explosed in the whole class. I laid my face on the bench and laugh to an extent that I was not able to straight my body.

Well, well, well. Happy test drive. XDDDD

by windywood | 2005-01-27 09:57 | Diary

トランスメディア提供アイコン01 How many cigarettes do you smoke daily?

For those in Hong Kong, the answer is 8.

No kidding. This is what I found in the latest issue of Time magazine yesterday. The air pollution in Hong Kong is so bad. Living in Hong Kong for one day, the amount of pollutant inhaled equals to that of smoking 8 cigarettes.

So what do I think?

I think we've got a good reason to have more BBQ in Hong Kong. Having BBQ for one time is equivalent of having 1 cigarette daily for 1 year. When we are having 8 cigarettes every day, we should get a couple more to enjoy our life.

Furthermore, it is quite a natural disaster for a country with 14 billion people to develop without regulations and respect to public interests.


如果你活在香港的話, 答案是8。

沒有開玩笑, 這是我昨晚在「時代」雜誌看到的。香港的空氣汚染程度,已到達大家只要在這裡住一天就吸了相等於8支香煙的汚染物。




by windywood | 2005-01-12 20:19 | News-HK

トランスメディア提供アイコン01 記事 No.100 紀念


It is the 100th post on the blog! This blog may be good, may be bad. What's so ever, I have written 100 posts. I am a kind of person who always give up quickly, so it is great that I can keep doing one thing for this long.
Thank you all my friend like you for visiting this blog. Your visit gives me energy to keep posting on this blog. Thank you.

by windywood | 2005-01-09 00:22 | Diary

トランスメディア提供アイコン01 Phantom and Jakob

Last night I watched "The Phantom of the Opera" with my friend. Not many people are interested in this movie. It is not easy to find a friend to watch this moive with me.

It is an amazing moive overall. The flow of story is smooth. When the story came to its conclusion, my friend and I did not feel that it has passed 2 and a half hours. However, it is an opera although it is shown in cinemas; music just goes on and on. Those in Hong Kong, who cannot enjoy music and read subtitle quickly, may not appreciate this moive.

The production of the moive fellowed very faithfully to the theatrical version. The directing is very good. Visual effect is grand. Anyway, it is still a moive. Computer graphics and other special effects were applied to spicy the moive. I think many people should be satisfied for what they paid.

In the cast, my most favorite artist in this movie is Minnie Driver who play Carlotta. She acted very well, and her voice is very presenting. I was really able to understand what kind of person Carlotta is by watching her performance. I think she did better job than Emmy Rossum. Maybe I have listened to the CD of original recording for too many times, I feel that many artists in moive did not sing as well as those on CD, but I don't mean they are not good.


The another moive I watched last night is "Jakob the Liar" starred by Robin Williams.

It is an interesting story. Jakob was a Jewish in Germany in World War II. He was prisoned in a small town with other Jewish. They were alive, but life in the town was very tough, and they would be sent to concentration camp and be executed. When time went by, more and more Jewish lost their hope and committed suicide.

One day, Jakob wanted to save a Jewish's life. He lied that he heard Russian army was coming to Germany on radio, so German was losing the war, they would be saved. The Jewish was very happy when he believed that he would have a future and let all Jewish in the town know Jakob's lie. Then, no one in the town committed suicide any more.

However, one day a man gave up his life to pass Jakob's lie to Jewish on a train to spread hope to other Jewish community. Jakob felt sorry for his lying. However, when he told the truth to an old Jewish in the town, the old man committed suicide at that night. Jakob was confused if he should tell the truth. When he found that his lie could gave hope to others, he kept on lying, even when finally the lie costed his life.

He learned in German army's office that the Russian was really coming. He was killed by a general because he refused to tell his Jewish folk that he was a liar. With hope, the Jewish community tolerated until the Russian came.

Is a liar good or bad? Many of us have learned it is bad since the childhood. Most of us also hate liars. We want people tell us the truth. So, if you are patient enough to read until this line, what do you thing about Jakob? or the moive?

by windywood | 2005-01-08 20:17 | Lifestyle

トランスメディア提供アイコン01 Hiking in Sai Kung - 釣魚翁山 & 布袋澳

a0003697_1053504.jpgI fellowed a group of new friends to hike in Sai Kung yesterday. We walked from Mang's House (孟家屋) to Po Doi O (布袋澳). On the way, we climbed up to one of "Three Shapes of Sai Kung" (西貢三尖)
- Fisherman's Hill (釣魚翁山) which is the shape hill shown on the first photo. The bay area below the hills in the photo is a side of Po Doi O. It took 5 hours to finish the walk.

It is the second time I went up to the top of the shape peak of Fisherman's Hill. The first time is on the first day in 2004 - I went to watch the first sunrise in 2004. We stayed overnight and cooked hotpots on the windy peak. Finally because of air pollution, we was not able to see the break out of sunrise. That was a prefect example of "eating NW wind" for fun (貪得意走去食西北風). XDDD

*In Hong Kong, "eating NW wind(cold wind blowing in winter)" means "paying high cost foolishly for nothing".*

a0003697_10533917.jpgSince I always sit down to study from day till night, I have got a back pain. However, the back pain was gone after hiking for one hour. The photo on the left is the other side of Po Doi O. It was just after sunset. Some restauants had turned on the lights. There are fish farms floating on the sea. At the end of the day, we had flesh seafood for dinner in the vallege.

by windywood | 2005-01-05 10:55 | Travel-HK

トランスメディア提供アイコン01 Lost in Tsunami

One of my classmates in high school was disappeared when Tsunami attacked Thailand. I pray that he is still alive and will be able to come back peacefully.

Update: My former classmate name was finally removed from the "missing" list on government homepage last week. As I didn't hear about his death on news, I believe that he has come home. Thanks God.

by windywood | 2005-01-03 12:09 | Diary